Advanced Discussions, lessons, & demos For Professional Chefs 
Culinary Growth & Development Live with Gerald L. Ford, CMC is a monthly subscription program for you to learn, grow and develop in every aspect of your craft with weekly live masterclasses every Sunday via zoom.
Join Professional Chefs around the world for:
  • Lessons/Demos: Taught weekly by Chef Ford directly related to the specific theme of the month. 
  • Culinary History: Once Sunday a month with Olivier Andreini, CMC.
  • ​Discussions: Subscription holders can ask questions after the lesson or demo and interact with other high-level chefs live and if unable to attend live, can ask questions through email.
All of the lessons and demos are recorded and added to the Culinary Growth & Development library. Attend live or watch the recordings!
When is Culinary Growth & Development?
Every Sunday from 6-7pm EST via zoom. Can't make it live? All of the lessons and demos are recorded and added to the Culinary Growth & Development library available for you to watch and rewatch at any time.
Monthly Mastermind Mondays:
Culinary Growth & Development Live includes a monthly Mastermind on the 3rd Monday of every month from 3-4pm EST via zoom. In the Mastermind, the group of Chefs problem solve and brainstorm on a specific topic related to the theme of the month. The Masterminds are truly empowering, especially when you realize you're not alone in your challenges and your struggles. 
What you can Expect to Learn:
  • Organization 
  • ​Strategies & Tactics that have led to much of my career success
  • ​High-Performance Perspectives
  • ​High-Performance Tools & Techniques
  • Culinary Disciplines
  • ​Lessons learned the hard way 
  • ​How I have spun my failures into success 
  • ​And much more...


 Immediate & unlimited access to the library of previous lessons  (currently 105+)


My goal is to inspire culinary evolution, growth & development.

Thank you, Chef
Gerald L. Ford, CMC
P.S. You can cancel at any time.
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