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Coaching with GERALD L. FORD, CMC

Are You Ready To Evolve?
Not every athlete has a coach, but EVERY GOLD MEDALIST DOES. Coaching has been the greatest component throughout my career, with the highest return on investment. It cut the journey to a fraction of what it would be, had I figured it out myself.

Through Culinary Mastery Coaching, I guide Chefs on the path to perform at their highest capacity, and live a fulfilled life of purpose and legacy.
Let's Evolve Together
My Coaching Process:

Step 1: Assess

In the Assessment phase, I use a variety of tools like DISC, the Culinary Self-Assessment, Habit Tracker, and other result driven tools to get a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go.

Step 2: Strategize

Together, we create the strategy to move forward. Purposefully laying out clear objectives & key performance indicators so we can measure progress and stay aligned with big picture objectives. Think of the strategy phase as the place we design and start building the habits.  

Step 3: Integrate

Once the habits start to take hold we move to Integration and accountability. The work shifts to managing the OKR's and the KPI's as we iterate through your work, overcoming obstacles, leveraging successes and creating a process for you to use to create predictable, consistent results.

Step 4: Reflect

Each iteration ends with a reflection of steps 1, 2 & 3, This closes the loop on this iteration. Scientific evidence supports that a thorough reflection of what worked, what didn't, what to keep doing, stop doing, and what's next, leads to greater retention and accelerated evolution.  

Step 5: Repeat

What's Included:
  • Weekly, 60-90 minute private coaching session via zoom for the term of the contract
  • Weekly check-ins, action plan, clear quarterly OKR's (objectives & key results)
  • Priority text messaging
  • 1, 5 and 10 year vision development 
  • My Proprietary Self-Assessment & SWOT Analysis
  • Custom performance & accountabilty schedule 
  • Share drive and access to proprietary resource that will serve as useful tools on your journey
  • Individual assignments based on objectives
  • Personal growth plan
  • Access to my Masterclass work (any of my live events with all-access passes and VIP access) past and during our time working together are available without restriction
  • Access to my weekly Masterclasses & Monthly Masterminds (Culinary Growth & Development Live). This  is normally part of a subscription program that is available to you during our time while working together
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